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Dear Parents

The last day of dancing this Term is Friday 30th June.
Term 3 starts back Saturday 15th July until Friday 22nd September.

Dress Rehearsals
Years 3 - 10 stage rehearsal Friday 1st December 4:00pm - 7:30pm
K-2 stage rehearsal Saturday 2nd December 9:00am - 11:0am (same day of concert)
Concert Day
Saturday 2nd December
Pre-school, Kindy, Year 1 & Year 2 students - 2:00pm Concert
Years 3 - 10 - 5:00pm Concert
I will assume you are taking part in the concert unless I hear from you. There will be a $75 costume charge in Term 3 for each item your child is in.
Most costumes are $75 + GST with ballet tutus and singing dresses being up to $100.
I will add the balance of the tutus for grade 3 & 4 and singing dresses in Term 4 when I know the exact cost. I will try and use ballet costumes for 2 years in a row for students above Grade 1.
Please call with any questions.
Kind regards
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