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Dear Parents

Happy new year to everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday.

Term 1 Dates

Term 1 will be a 9 week term starting on Saturday 28th Jan - Friday 31st March. We are finishing a week before the Easter school holidays due to our U.S.A. Disney Dance tour!

2017 Class Schedule and Free Trial Class

Please check the updated class schedule on the Dream Feet website for information about 2017 classes.

Please remember that if you would like your child to do their RAD ballet exam at the end of 2017, they need to do two classes a week. It is also highly recommended that RAD students also do the stretch/technique class that Miss Hailey offers on Thursdays and Fridays so as to help achieve the best results possible from the Dream Feet RAD ballet program.

If your child is considering a new dance style in 2017, please feel free to take up our FREE TRIAL CLASS offer! This no obligation offer allows your child to participate in the first lesson of a new dance class for free before deciding whether to sign up for a term of instruction.

Please feel free to share our FREE TRIAL CLASS offer with other parents who are not currently part of our school community. Perhaps they are interested in giving their daughters the opportunity to learn dance for the first time, or they may be considering changing from their current dance school. Dream Feet is an inclusive school and I am always happy to give new parents the opportunity to see if Dream Feet is the right option for their children.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are $49.50 inc GST per half hour a week.

Miss Hailey has one spot left on Tuesday evenings 6:45pm - 7:15pm. Please let me know if you would like to learn a classical, lyrical or contemporary solo in this time slot with Miss Hailey or if you are interested in any other solo/private lessons with any of our other lovely teachers and I will see if I can make it work.

If you have any questions at all about Dream Feet classes or private lessons, please call me on 0410 582 603.


Please like and join us on Facebook! I'd also appreciate it if you could share it with parents who you think may be looking at dance schools for their children for 2017 -

Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Kind regards,


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